NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK: Featured Book: Three Only Children by Cheryl F. Rogers

Happiness for Maggie Isabel means a family of her own. Her beautiful home is a dream come true, a far cry from the shotgun house on Dorgenois Street. Most importantly, daughter Gina is thriving at the same school where Maggie teaches. There is only one problem: Principal Beverly Ogdenís perpetual harassment.

Where is Ruby, Maggieís older sister, when she needs her? She could sure use a good sparring to fire-up her Irish temper. Fate lends a hand and Maggie finds a journal documenting her adolescent struggles following her motherís death and her new life with Ruby, twenty-one years her senior.

The journal entries are both comical and tragic, and her stress unrelenting. If Maggie can stand up to Ruby, why not to Beverly Ogden? Teaching is a noble profession, exempt from the politics of power. Isnít it?