NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK: Time Runners by Mary Lou Widmer Newlyweds, Luke and Jamie, are excited to be visiting Luke’s hometown of New Orleans. Jamie decides she’d like to see the voodoo museum. Cecille, voodoo queen, and descendant of Marie Laveau, operates the museum, but has ulterior motives. When Luke and Jaimie walk in, she knows they are exactly the ones she’s been waiting for. Jaimie is thrilled as she and Luke are given a comprehensive tour of the museum, that is, until Cecille uses her own voodoo powers to send them back in time to retrieve Marie Laveau’s jewels for her. They find themselves in late 1700’s New Orleans, running towards the Mississippi River, fleeing from a huge city fire. They survive, and meet a powerful Spanish leader who serves as their benefactor. But do they find the coveted jewels? Traveling forward, back to the museum, they find it on fire. To make matters worse, Luke and Jamie are separated, alone, with no idea where the other is. Will they survive this fire?