Alan was born in Wick in the far North of Scotland and gained a Chemistry PhD at Aberdeen University before a career in Research and Development with ICI and Zeneca. He took up the pen in early retirement and enjoys writing contemporary thrillers with their roots in history, as well as poetry. He lives with his wife in Yorkshire, England near his grown up family. Summers are spent in Scotland, writing, fishing and doing heritage projects. You may visit Alan's blog here:


The Stuart Agenda

The Hanoverian spin doctors of the eighteenth century airbrushed out of history, the legitimate descendants of Royal Stuart scion, Bonnie Prince Charlie. This kept a tight lid on any prospect of a further Jacobite challenge to their established dynasty in the United Kingdom.

It should not surprise us that the descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie still covet the throne of Scotland, the land that the Stuart monarchs ruled for hundreds of years.

In 2035, young Robert Stuart sets out on a journey to recapture the Scottish throne in an independent Scotland. A cast of conspirators led by his great uncle Leo prepare the political and constitutional ground for him. Robert meets and falls in love with the beautiful Hanoverian Princess Victoria, providing a basis for a dynastic compromise. Robert has to overcome strong resistance from the Hanoverian establishment and from within his own family if he is to succeed in his ambition.