Alice Faye Horton was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Forrest City, Arkansas. She has worked in the field of education for 36 years and currently serves as the Director of Programs for students with special needs in the Watson Chapel School District in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. In addition to children's books, Alice enjoys writing poetry. Her inspiration comes from the observation of everyday triumphs and struggles. She is inspired by the innocence of children, especially her six-year old granddaughter who provides her with a continuous supply of ideas and material for her writings. Alice is married to James Horton and is the mother of two young adults, Damon and Dana.

Future Release

Grandma Got Stuck in the Bathtub

Lottie adores her Grandma and for that reason she wants to be just like her, extra weight and all. Grandma loves Lottie too, but she is passing on her bad eating habits to her granddaughter. Everything that they do revolves around food. Not only is grandma overweight, but she is contributing to Lottie becoming overweight also. Lottie's mother, who is a nurse, stresses the importance of healthy eating to both Lottie and her Grandma, but it doesn't sink in until grandma has an experience that gets her attention.