Amy Hahn has been a writer for as long as she can remember. Notebooks filled with her creative stories were a constant companion throughout childhood, high school and college years. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in journalism and has worked as an editor and writer for various magazines and online news web sites. She has also worked as a television news producer and movie reviewer, college journalism and cinema instructor and writes patient education material for one of the world's top medical organizations. Her first love has always been romance writing. She lives in Minnesota with her husband Chris. Her hobbies include reading, family genealogy, horseback riding, and probably too much television and movie viewing.

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Claire Johnson no longer believes in love and happy endings, being left at the altar tends to tarnish a woman’s heart. However, her views change when a handsome knight steps from the depths of an antique amulet. He proclaims to be Sir Dimitry, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. It is impossible, but she has to believe it. After all, she saw him appear out of the purple stone. It doesn’t take Claire long to fall in love with the attentive, gallant and attractive knight. She tries to force aside her feelings because she doesn’t want to be abandoned again, and before they can have their happy ending they must break the amulet’s hold over Dimitry. The wicked Morgan le Fay cursed him into the necklace centuries ago and he’ll die in fourteen days if her maleficent spell is not broken.


A Knight to the Rescue

Claire released the amulet. The antique necklace unlatched itself and floated before her, shimmers of light erupting from the stone in all directions. The amulet’s brilliance grew brighter and more intense. The sound of galloping hooves filled the room, followed by a blinding burst of light. She closed her eyes and looked away. Sunbursts exploded behind her eyelids. When the brightness dimmed and the cadence of pounding hooves minimized to a soft echo, Claire opened her eyes and looked back towards the amulet. The necklace no longer twirled in the air. In its place stood a man. And not just any man. Before her stood the man who’d been haunting her dreams since she’d bought the amulet, the knight with whom she’d shared romantic dreamlike trysts with. Claire’s mouth opened in an astounded O. Her knight was a towering figure, measuring easily over six feet tall with a broad chest and muscled arms and legs. He seemed larger and more intimidating than in her dreams. It seemed to Claire as if he filled the entire room. The first beams of dawn flickered through the windows, bathing him in light. Abundant golden locks, thick and curly, were secured at the nape of his neck with a black piece of leather and his skin was nicely bronzed from hours spent outdoors under the sun. He wore some type of silvery white medieval armor that glowed on his sinewy frame, and he wielded a sword practically as tall as Claire. Silver eyes connected with hers. Where had he come from? How was this possible? It couldn’t be possible, could it?