I am an Okanagan Indian from the Okanagan Indian Band located outside of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. I am married with one son, and the oldest of nine children. As a child, I liked drawing, then the desire to write poetry snuck upon me. I would write about my life, family, friends, nature, and what was being shown in the media. I would write a poem as a gift for someone I knew, and not keep a copy for myself. As a result, I lost poems between 1986 Ė 2007, because I wrote everything by hand. I didnít own a computer or printer back then which would have made the biggest difference in the world. It is my hope that I will regain copies of poems from the past, because they capture my journey. Some of my best poems were written when I was living through different hardships that show how I grew and evolved into a better person. Since 2007, my poetry became influenced by words spoken to my Spirit, vivid dreams,visions, and sometimes nightmares which stayed with me until I would write the poem. Then they would disappear, and I would be at peace. Other poems were written after watching a documentary or movie that gripped my emotions. I believe in God; His Personal name is Ehyeh/ I AM, and that his Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our Lord and Savior, and I share the word of God in poetry.

Gail is the author of "Reflections of the Soul: Volume 1