Gee Howze / Author / Illustrator

The writing bug bit hard and deep in 2008 and I now find myself praying that I never recover. A life long love affair with color and design naturally merged with the words I began putting on paper. I have membership with the SCBWI, the Writers’ League of Texas, and the CBI Clubhouse. My passion is writing and illustrating fiction for kids from age one to one-hundred, and I am greatly blessed by Willow Moon’s acceptance of my first three works. The beautiful Texas hill country is home, and my Champion and Prince Charming has been at my side for fifty-three years. We had two awesome children, three beautiful grandchildren and little Mr. Wonderful—our first great grandbaby, Layton. Loving the name, I decided to give it to the young hero in THE CRYSTAL CUBE.

Available Now:

The Barton Kids and The Mystery of Mermaid's Island Juvenile (Illustrated)

Put on your fins and follow the Barton Kid's, a sister and brother team as they discover the entrance to a long hidden grotto. Meet Nivahna; the beautiful young mermaid who is key to the ages old folktale of their mysterious Mermaid's Island, and descend with the three as they enter the deep sea world of the Merfolk.

Gabriella's Flight to Texas: from The Land of I Believe (Children's Illustrated)

Fly with a tiny modern day fairy by the name of Gabriella on her maiden flight from the Kingdom of the Tooth Fairies and The Land of I Believe. Sit on the edge of your seat as she battles to stay just ahead of time, with a raging storm at her back in order to save the tooth fairy faith of a little Texas girl named Esmerelda.

The Crystal Cube (Fiction Paranormal)

This experience deals with the suspense and stark drama of a strong young man of twelve named Layton, his wonderful horse Blue, and faithful new friend, a dog called Samson. As the three suddenly find the total responsibility for the life, welfare and protection from great evil, of Sarah (Layton's 5 year old sister), resting totally upon their faith, strength and cunning throughout the last few days of the world as we know it.