Born in Butler, Pa., to Henry J. and Catherine L. (Heasley) LeGrand Jr. I was named Henry J. LeGrand lll - but Hank is what I am mostly known by. I grew up out in the country along with six sisters and two brothers. Stories were a big part of my life growing up and, with that many siblings there was never a shortage of imaginative storytelling, book readings, or just simply being an avid listener. Every day was a wonderful learning experience with my family, and an experience that will stay in my head and heart forever.

I attended St. Mary's Elementary School in Herman, Pa. then went on to the local high school. I enlisted in the military in 1969, and was honourably discharged in 1971 from the United States Army's infantry division. I'm a Vietnam Veteran and was awarded two Bronze Stars.

I enjoy seeing my thoughts take form on paper, and I get a great deal of satisfaction inventing all the different characters. But, the best part of writing, to me—is watching in amazement as the characters begin to emerge and blend into the story.

Interests: inventing, drawing, and especially writing fiction stories for children and Y/A.