Mr. Roach now lives in beautiful and mountainous central Virginia with his ever-patient wife, Mrs. Roach, their two teenage geniuses, a grouchy cat named Sammy Lou and a blind dog named Jinju. Mr. Roach spent his youth growing up in flat and farmish Whitehouse, Ohio which has a beauty all its own. He received his degree in photography at Ohio University and has worked in advertising most of his life. He loves few things more than putting his feet up on his desk and coming up with silly stories like this.

Available: Timmy Tate's Tater Troubles

Mr. Roach presents Timmy Tateís Tater Troubles as his newest and only entry into the already crowded genre of Potato Mythology. You will no doubt remember such imaginary classics as Francine Eats a French Fry, and Barney Bakes a Spud and Potato Soup for the Starch Loverís Soul. These works have delighted countless readers, and Timmy Tate fits in flawlessly with these giants of potato lore.

If you have a Timmy Tate in your life, a picky eater extraordinare, then reading Timmy Tateís Tater Troubles could be the perfect challenge to try new things. At the very least it might make them feel guilty enough to try one new thing, and thatís a start.