One More Time: Bud Hanks: Seasonal (Christmas): Pages: 52

One More Time:  Bud Hanks: Seasonal (Christmas): Pages: 52
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One More Time:  Bud Hanks: Seasonal (Christmas): Pages: 52
One More Time: Bud Hanks: Seasonal (Christmas): Pages: 52

If prayers are answered, Harry and Marcella Thomas, approaching their fiftieth wedding anniversary, know exactly what they want: a Christmas anniversary and reunion with all their children and grandchildren under one roof, before they follow through on a decision they've made for themselves. After spending the summer arguing, the three children reluctantly agree and predict disaster. Harry and Marcella believe if they can pull it off, they'll give their children and grandchildren a gift to last a lifetime. But will it work?


The phone rang early the next day, Christmas day. It was Jane, and she was crying.

"Yes, I'm up as usual. Mother's still in bed." Trying to distract her, he said, "You should have seen the beautiful snowfalls we've had."

"We're having a little trouble getting away, Dad," she sobbed.

"What's the problem?" he cajoled.

"I had an argument with Uncle Ted at his Christmas party last night. You know how righteously correct he thinks he is. It must run in the family. Dick's two boys said they didn't want to go to his house or come to yours. While we were gone, they took my car, no insurance, on a double date. When they got home, I grounded them and sent them to their Uncle Larry. I didn't want them causing a problem for you and Mom."

"Who isn't full of piss-n-vinegar at seventeen and twenty? I realize the boys don't feel they're part of our family, because they're from Dick's first marriage. But they are. You're right, Jane. There isn't any need to disrupt everyone's Christmas because of bad attitudes. Call if you have trouble with the directions to the house. They're fairly straightforward."

"We should be able to make it tomorrow, Dad. And thanks for listening."

"No problem, you know I don't mind helping out with advice if I can. Tomorrow then." No sooner had the phone hit the cradle, than Clay called.

"Dad, I can book a quick inexpensive flight for Rod and Steve out of Cleveland to Little Rock; however, I won't be able to pick them up. We won't arrive until two days later. My ex is giving me fits."

"Not a problem, Clay. I can pick them up at the airport, and they can help me put up some of the great Christmas displays that are here."

"They'll be in tomorrow morning at ten."

"Tomorrow at ten, I'll be there. Drive careful son, we have a lot of fun things planned." By the time he got off the phone with Clay, he could smell bacon cooking, and he hadn't even heard her come downstairs.

"Did you get your coffee?" he asked.

"Yes, but it's a bit strong this morning."