Ree Foutch is a thirty-seven year old wife and mother. She is also a native Californian with a passion for writing fantasy for children as well as adults. An avid reader since childhood, she loves all aspects of creativity.

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A Novel Voyage

Penelope loves to read, and indulges her hobby at the library or at her favorite bookstore. Lately she finds herself dreaming of whimsical characters in a series of dreams, each leaving her with something to speculate. But what are they trying to tell her? Voyage with Penelope as she journeys through her imagination, searching for the key to unlock her innermost dreams.

Enchanting. Mrs. Foutch leads her audience from one adventure to another until the reader gets the meaning of Penelope’s dreams one second before she does. Ree has created an endearing heroine supported by a delightful cast of characters in a magnificent story that delivers a powerful, goose-bump ending.